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In The Magic Medallion Cat Clawson, a CIA agent on loan to the Kenyan government to help track down a notorious band of poachers thought to be allied with al-Qaeda, finds himself snared in the intrigue and danger of hunting down the vicious yet beautiful female leader of a European cartel.

His quest takes him from the Savannah of Africa to the cities of Paris and Bourdeaux, France where he is assisted by a young new partner, Jim Pritchard, the son of Cat’s late colleague who was killed by the very same cartel Cat now seeks to destroy.

This is a fast-paced mystery full of suspense that will keep you glued to each page as you read it, always wondering what the next page will bring.



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The man they call Madigan–a tough retired Cavalry officer–finds himself drawn into an intriguing but dangerous game of Cat and Mouse with a formidable gang of outlaws searching for the hidden Aztec gold of Montezuma in the old Southwest.  Soon the race is on to find the treasure and save the inhabitants of a Lost City, while Madigan is forced to use his deadly aim with his Sharps buffalo rifle to stay alive and save the woman he loves.

Equal parts western, mystery, and adventure, Madigan will take you on a fantastic ride through the mountains and deserts of the old Southwest in search of love, riches, and an understanding of human nature.


Excerpt from Madigan:

“Madigan closed in, keeping as much as he was able to the shadows.  He was but five feet from the bushwhacker when the man unexpectedly turned around.  Madigan froze, sure the man had seen him.  For a long while they stood facing each other, sweat running off Madigan’s forehead as though it were a hundred degrees in the shade.  He didn’t dare so much as breathe.  Madigan swore he could see all the way down the shotgun’s two barrels.  All that was left was for the bushwhacker to pull the trigger.  Madigan didn’t have a hope in the world of beating him to the draw.”

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As Sheriff Jeff Burns parked along the dirt road leading to the Mathey Ranch in southern Arizona, he was thinking about the mysterious disappearance of the actress a few weeks before.  She was an actress he once loved and could not get out of his mind–or his heart.  In order to save her, Sheriff Burns must face a ruthless villain who is wealthy, powerful, and at the same time very charming to the ladies.

A Transgression in Time is a novel full of action, mystery, and romance.

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Justin Page, the man they call Justice, and his mule Quietus (Death) team up with a minister-turned lawman to track down and stop a mass murderer of young girls and, at the killer’s insane impulse, men and women also.

Along the way they battle outlaws and Indians set on stopping them at all cost.  And, much to Justin Page’s surprise, he finds his heart taken by a young woman who could be the twin to his fiancee who was lost at sea several years before.

Ride along with the lawmen on a fantastic journey that takes you from the Barbary Coast to the salt flats of Utah’s Great Salt Lake and beyond, while Justice fights his way ever eastward to meet his destiny and possible death at the hands of the deranged murderer.

This mystery is filled with excitement that will keep one guessing to the very end.














On April 12, 1861, the Civil War of the United States began when the Confederate States of America fired on Fort Sumter.  The war officially lasted until April 9, 1865.

Between the beginning and the end of this turbulent time in the United States, many families were torn asunder.  Brother fought brother, neighbor fought against neighbor; it was a sad and sorry chapter in America’s history.

It was a time of hard feelings and feuds between families and relatives, and it was one of the most costly wars in lives America has ever seen.  And this wasn’t the end of the bloodshed.  Thousands of civilians, mostly in the South, died at the hands of the armies and carpetbaggers that infested the South during and after the war ended.

This is the story of one of those families forced to live through the trials and tribulations of the time.



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