Every book starts with a plan

Every book starts with a plan, an idea. The trick is learning how to take that idea and expand it large enough to become a book. The blogs that follow will show you from the simple aspects, to the more complex. We’ll take your idea from your experiences, your imagination, into the reality of a book, either an e-book, or one that can be held in your hand.

         Now when we talk about a plan, an idea for a book, you have to give it much thought on how you present that idea to your reader. Does your idea have enough substance for a full-size book? Many would-be authors start off with an idea that they think would be interesting to others, only to find when they actually start writing, that there just isn’t enough material to go more than a few dozen pages, or less. Oftentimes, they find themselves losing interest in the topic themselves. So, try to define where you can go with your idea.

Think of it this way: if you can’t stay interested in it, no matter how great you believe the subject matter is, your reader is not going to want to read it either.

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