Your first step into writing.

So, since you have taken the time to open this blog, it is a fairly safe bet that you are interested in writing a book.

I myself have been an author for many years now, having been first published when I was 11 years old. It was quite an accomplishment for a young child, but having more to do with luck, than talent.

As a child, I disliked school immensely, except for one small part, and I always looked forward during summer vacation to getting back to school for that reason. I wanted to learn how to write!

But, being caught up in a dysfunctional family, any endeavor that I tried to better myself was always put down. And I began to believe what was being told to me on an almost daily basis. So I left my dream of being an author slip away due to the daily turmoil of just trying to survive.

I did, however, have one attribute that caused me to eventually make the decisions that brought me to achieving my goal of being a writer. I was bullheaded, fiercely determined to make something better of my life then my family situation had to offer.

At the young age of 17, I practically forced my guardian to sign a waiver so that I could join the United States Navy. I knew that I needed the discipline that I did not get at home. And because of that decision I will always be grateful to the military for forcing me to learn discipline.

We will touch on this subject from time to time, but for now I want you to realize that writing is a discipline in itself. If writing is in your heart, you will, with a little work, and much perseverance, someday be holding your own book in your hands.

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